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  1. I've bought a small black bowl yesterday and was thinking. Is a bong any healthier than a pipe? Or is it just to cool the smoke? Opinions and preferences of bongs/pipes accepted. :)
  2. I cant imagine why you wouldnt want both.

    Each offers varied applications... A pipe is good for on the go OR for relaxing out of the deck. Ands bongs are great for just kickin back with OR for getting a quick snap out of on the run.

    And if you have both you can choose a smoke based on how your feeling.


  3. Thanks for your input. I think I may buy a nice small bong.
  4. if u smoke a bong you will see the tar and resin that the water filters out, along with ash particles... i say bong is healthier than a pipe. there are lots of worse things though. ie. aluminum cans, paper with ink etc.
  5. You could also get a bubbler and get a little bit of both worlds
  6. bong easily. i hate smoking out of my tiny pipe
  7. A bong with water in it makes sure that no solid plant matter gets into your lungs; thats the stuff you can never get out. Its all smoke and its smoother :smoke:
  8. THis is me just putting in my opinoin.

    Bongs - Great for 1-3 people toking, I personally think they get me higher unless there r to many people.

    Pipes- Great for 1-5 people toking, eazy to pass around and does not cash as fast as a bong.

    Joints/Bluntz- Good for Dub Cruises cuz you can ditch the evidences just in case you get pulled over, Good for a decent crowd of people especilly bluntz.

    I like all of these equally its just the matter of having the right piece at the right time, but the best thing to use when you toking alone is a BONG!!! :bongin:

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