Bong vs dab rigs?

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  1. I don’t have a dab rig but I do have a bong and nail, Iam I missing out not using a dab rig cause this bongs pretty good.
  2. Apples and oranges. One is a smokable and one is for vaping. Are you saying you vape from your bong?
  3. Honestly the biggest reason to have separate pieces for oil and flower is the taste, I would never want to dab out of a piece that people smoke out of, you would lose all the good taste of a low temp dab.
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  4. what really thats it....I don't smoke for the taste I smoke to get high and if the bong hits smoother then no sense buying a dab rig then thanks
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  5. yes ive vaped from it before
  6. When you get older you will care about taste.
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  7. I use concentrates first for the taste and second for the high which is why I won't buy any concentrates that aren't really good quality, If it works for you, great, I just know I prefer to have my dabs taste delicious while I hit them and can leave the poorer tasting smoke for my bong.
  8. lol age matters im 48 now.......I don't smoke cigs so smoking weed for me sucks my throat gets all scratchy and what not im usually on Eds cause im a medicinal user broken back but I do enjoy the instant relief that smoke gives,,,,,,this is why I smoke to get high sir
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    sorry im 49
  10. don't know bout you but i don't smoke for the taste

    you're burning plant material, how good can it really taste?

    on the other hand, i take a puff and don't feel anything, then we got a problem

  11. You obviously don't live where you can get top shelf weed. When grown and cured properly you should get a strong terpene profile from every strain. Mid grade garbage will just taste like dirt and isn't enjoyable at all
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  12. When talking about smoking weed, some will taste better than others but ultimately smoke isn't the greatest taste. Concentrates on the other hand when vaped/dabbed at the proper temp really do taste amazing which is why I think if you are someone who uses a decent amount of concentrates a dedicated piece is a good idea, especially with how affordable a rig can be
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  13. yes, of course, no good bud ever came out of BC.

    just shitty mexican dirt weed here.

    call it "strong terpene profile" all you want...

    that doesn't change the fact that its burning plant material
  14. Here in Humboldt county we call BC weed beesters (airy red hair weed.) Probably not true just a saying.
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