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  1. Ive decided I want to buy a nice new bong or bubbler. This would be the first water pipe that I have actually purchased. My budget is $200 and im not sure what I should buy. Ive used very nice bongs and bubblers before, but now I cant really come down to a decision on what to get. Either way I want something that is smooth, hits good, and has good percolation. What do you guys think would be a better choice a bong or bubbler? What brands do you prefer?
  2. Do you mostly smoke flowers, oil, or vape?

    Bongs are just bigger and have shapes of a tube (usually).

    Bubs are smaller and have many shapes.
  3. like i recommend to everyone, find an SGW waffle v2. it's a bong, but it's small enough to almost be considered a bubbler. you can find them for around $200 in the second hand buyers market.
  4. If you decide that you want a bong.. I have a 16" Gridded Shower-head Tube from Apixdesigns for sale at $180. I bought it 3 weeks ago. It's in brand spanking new condition and is spotless clean. The reason I want to sell it is because I am no longer "smoking weed", I only vaporize now because it's easier on my lungs. He no longer has the piece on his website because he only makes them one at a time. His glass is highly recommended on every single cannabis forum I've came across.

    PM me for pictures if you are interested.
  5. Every style has it's pros and cons, where are you going to use it mostly? if your like me on the couch most of the time then i like a bubbler or something with a stem, stemless are better for table tops/kitchen counters IMO although something small like the already mentioned waffle is do-able.
  6. Most likely going to be smoking on the couch lol. Atm im leaning towards a bubbler because I think there smooth and rip pretty good if you get the right one. Also, everyone I hangout with has a bong and it would be nice to use something different.
  7. A bong, mos def!
  8. That Apix would kickass with vapor. Keep it.

  9. i wish i would have known about this like 3 days ago lol, i'd have bought that, definitely would have been worth the $10 more.. but i would go with a bong, i like smoking out of bongs more than bubblers
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    SGW waffle v2
    Headford Jacuzzi
    my fav in that budget..well the waffle if found used like hesaid

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