Bong vs. Bubbler high

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  1. Do any of you feel a difference in your high depending on what type of piece you smoke out of? i feel more high with tokes from my bong however i feel slightly less high after using my bubbler
  2. I feel wayyyyyy more of a mellow high from bubblers than bongs imo

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  3. Same, bongs just knock me right on my ass
  4. Bubs are closer to pipes in high, bongs put you on your ass
  5. Bongs get a larger hit, faster high
  6. they both give you the same high...
    no matter which you smoke out of, you'll be receiving the same active ingredients.
    so the high is the same...
    the difference is in the volume of the piece itself.
    bongs are basically large-volume bubblers...
    they both operate in virtually the same manner.
    therefore it is safe to assume they are equally effective.
  7. my scientific bubbler melts my face more then my bong. 
    I have a 15 arm tree perk leisure glass scientific bubbler tho. 
  8. Any method of getting hi puts me on my ass. tubes, bubs, joints, vape, blunt etc i have a weak tolorence and my friends envy me for it :)
  9. So many factors play into it.

    Mostly perception.

    But, air flow, restriction, volume, percolation... and whatever you're smoking, vaping, dabbing, etc...
  10. Yeah exactly i feel more mellow with a bubbler. Don't get me wrong i still enjoy it and i just add more cannabis to the bowl till i feel high enough to still do stuff while being high and relaxed
  11. Perception is big. if youre all nervous and intimidated by a piece then its probably gonna get you fucked up, even though its just in our heads. our brains are wierd
    That's almost like saying all strains give you the same high.
    So many factors play into the experience a high will give you that you can never really call it the "same" high.
    Quantity of smoke and the rate at which it's inhaled definitely effects your high. How else do you explain the high you get off smoking the same strain in a j vs a bong being so different? (and don't try to tell me it's not, no matter how much i smoke in a joint the high is wayyyy less intense than a couple bong rips and lasts way less time)
  13. If you have a bubbler thats clean and has supper good filtration its prime. My friends bubbler is the best for tasting good weed when its clean its even better than the bong but its a crazy nice bubbler. 
    I don't notice a difference in high compared to the bong. My vape seems to get me stoned as a motherfucker from just a bowl. something bongs are lacking compared to vaporizers. Those who say vapes don't get them high aren't vaping correctly. 
  14. Your argument makes no sense....
    Different strains are exactly that, different.
    Which is why every strain is not the same.

    As for the bong vs joint argument it has nothing to do with the weed. You're still consuming the exact same compounds. Which means you are getting the same exact high. As for getting higher off a bong, that's because the volume of smoke you are taking in at one time.

    Same goes for the types of hits you take....
    Has nothing to do with the piece.
    It's all about the size of the piece.

    I'm not gonna get any higher because a bong has a perc. It might allow me to take bigger hits, but that goes right back to the volume argument. The weed that is filtered through the perc is not getting me any higher. The bigger hit is getting me higher.

    Obviously a bigger hit will get you higher. It's more...

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  15. I can take the same sized hits dry out of a 2 inch steel pipe as i can out  of any bong. New smokers just don't know how to smoke..
    You're arguing semantics. Go to bed.

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