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bong vs. bowls

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mmjmanning, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Will a bong get you higher than a bubbler/ bowl?
  2. yes. because the bud is water cooled, it allows you to take a much, much larger hit.

    but i noticed if u use a bong as your default smoking device for too long you get used to it. after a while switching to a bowl or bubbler will give you a bit of a different, possibly bigger high.

    but yeah. generally bongs will get you higher, and higher faster.
  3. Sometimes it depends on the person, but most of the time a medium-high quality bong gets you higher. (in terms of size and hit size, not build quality).
  4. Bong. :) - bigger chamber
  5. bongs and bublers over bowls. i have a bubbler that rips. gets me fucked up.
  6. bongs bro. just being able to rip some nugs in a bong makes you feel so special. (well for me at least) haa
  7. what's a chamber?
  8. bongs and bubblers get you higher cuz you get more thc.
  9. #9 DontPassOnGrass, Feb 11, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 11, 2009
    a chamber is where the smoke is held inside the bong/bubbler/bowl after burning, but before inhaling.

    Basically a bigger chamber means a bigger area to hold the smoke you are about to inhale.

    I personally use a bubbler i bought about a month ago (made a thread earlier on it :smoking:), and only use a bong on occasion, because as previously mentioned a bong is almost TOO good and i feel that it would raise my tolerance up way too high and too fast.

    i like the act of smoking with my friends and some good weed can get me ripped in 1-2 hits, so the smoking session ends too fast..but bongs are great, its all about your own personal preference and style.
  10. Bong.. You can inhale and hold the smoke much longer. That way not as much is wasted.
  11. to me bongs get you higher but the dont last as long as a pipe or bubbler
  12. bongs are fucking awesome, fuck a bowl:bongin:
  13. i prefer joints over anything, but a bong kicks ass
  14. Bong rips!

    After a while the tolerance build up does suck though...its fun to see your friends taking bong rips and getting completely tossed. Then the sadness kicks in when you realize you can't get as high as they are unless you burn a significant amount more =(
  15. bongs hands down
  16. bongs = get higher faster at cost of more weed being burnt. bubbler= less weed burned get higher slower, many more hits in one bowl.
  17. hahaha alots of responses were funny
    thanks guys

    I think I'll use a bong for "special occasions"
    cause i love my bub too much to neglect her
    and I dont want my tolerance to go up

    like i still want my bong to be a "speacialty"
  18. i'll take a nice clean bowl any day. im also a big fan of one hitters
  19. i dont know if this is a placebo effect but when i hit my bong i get alot higher quality high then from my bowl or even my vape. ive tried smoking the same amount from each of the same bud on different occasions and the bong always seems to be the most enjoyable high. maybe it has to do with the amount you inhale at once or something.

  20. I agree. The high you get from a bong is significantly different than other methods and is very enjoyable. I think when you smoke a bong and take all that smoke at once it hits you more suddenly and intensely than smoking with other devices. I also notice this slightly when I smoke with my roommates vaporizer hooked up to my bong. You still get the vape body high, but there is a slightly noticeable headrush as well because you get larger hits.

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