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Bong vs Blunt?

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by cinderella 99, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. If you had a gram of some fine bud what would get you higher: a blunt or water bong?
  2. gotta be bong
  3. A bong would get you higher, but the blunt would be better for a group of say 2-3 others plus you.
  4. Bong would get you higher because of the bigger hits but its not noticeable. I would rather smoke a dutch.
  5. If your asking, then the obvious answer would be the bong! for sure. a bong uses a lot less to get a mind blowing hit. a gram coudl give you like 6 or 7 huge thick rips.
  6. Bong would get you higher, but I would personally prefer to lay back with a nice blunt.
  7. Everytime I get a fat blunt, I always realize that packing the same amount of pot into a bong would get me like 3x higher then the blunt.

    Dunno why.
  8. A bong would get you higher :)
  9. To me it just always seemed a blunt got me blown. The friends always had a bong so we would usually just hit that up, so I only blunted it up about 10% of the time. But it coulda been what I was smoking. Well whatever, bong it is!
  10. DUDE i would pack a big fat bowl and light up my bong
  11. fat bowls>fat blunts
  12. Bong. You could get like, five meaty rips out of a gram.
  13. Bongs get you way higher, but it is hard for me to only smoke my bong and no blunts. I like to smoke blunts about 25% of the time just because they are fun to roll and are fun to smoke, plus they can last a long time like 30-45 mins.
  14. +1 on that.
  15. Bongs. You get way more smoke which gets you higher! I get faded after 3 hits on my bong.
  16. I would deff choose a bong, I think a gram would last alot longer in a bong, plus in my opinion blunts are a waste of precious herb not to mention they kill your throat and lungs. Thats just me I'm all about the glass
  17. bongs would get you more ripped but its more fun to kick back and relax with a nice grape philly
  18. 1 word . . . BLONG :devious:
  19. Blunt fuck *****s.
  20. A bong would conserve a gram much better than a blunt... A blunt is 1 smoke session wit a gram... but wit a bong 1 gram would last me maybe 3-5 sessions.

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