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  1. Anyone have any good suggestions on stuff I can put in my bong with its water to keep it from getting a brown film in it like in the pic I like it clear like the other pic[​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Hey there! There's this liquid you can add to your bong water to prevent resin buildup, it's called Rezblock, but I'm unsure how well it actually works. My friend Uses it and he says it works well for him.
    Here's a link to it from Amazon:
  3. a few drops of lemon juice will keep the res from sticking as much, but no solution is foolproof
  4. Just wash it every few days with 92% Iso and some salt.......thats it
  5. i used some salty like substance i got from a headshop, since 92 % iso is quiet expensive around my area, works perfect if i wash it once aday to prevent resin buildup.
  6. Roughly what part of the world do you live in? Iso is super cheap.
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  7. get the 99%
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  8. leave it dirty lookin who cares same high right
  9. Germany here you can only get it in pharmacys, 5 € for a 200 ml Bottle.
  10. 99% iso + salt and shake, hot water rinse for a while. Iso is cheap around here and everywhere else I have lived
  11. That sucks it's dirt cheap and is sold in lots of different stores in the US. Not just pharmacys.
  12. Yea, Bought a Bottle sometimes, some salt and my old bong was so Dirty.. And nothing was left :p
    hard resin removal worked for me if i put some hot water in it, seal the downstem and let it sit for a night. Same with the Chillum, just in a Glass.
  13. Straight up gasoline man

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  14. And turpentine topped with arsenic.
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  15. Ash catcher or carbon filter either about 30 bucks both make a world of difference

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