Bong Upgrade (pix)

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    Since I hadn't found anything that caught my eye at a local shop, I stuck with the same bong for probably around a solid year. This thing's been everywhere with me, at least +200 people have hit this bong (pictured below) and I have to say I've been attached to say the least (my first bong, by the way).


    Just recently a well known supplier and close friend decided to pack away his stuff for good. While over, and quite medicated, I asked for a ball park figure he would want for his glass.

    "40 bucks"

    Within acouple days I had sold off my bong (pictured above) and upgraded to this....


    The HTG sticker just recently came off, and a buddy and I cleaned her up pretty good the other day... :)
  2. Nice upgrade. Honestly I wouldn't have a problem ripping your old bong either.
  3. Thanks man, it feels like a new beginning. The only thing I dislike is that my older one had a few multi-colored lights in the bottom that really counted for a light show when the conditions were right.. oh well!
  4. That's a good price for that tube..but honestly I would've kept the old one too.

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