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  1. ok guys...and girls, my bong was recently broken, today, s i need to get a new one, and i want a good one this time. i was thinking a roor or something. idk how much they even are cuz i was thinking if theyr really expensive, i might as well get a vape..dont really want a vape tho..i like to smoke :)

    what do u guys suggest..?
  2. whats your price range man
  3. I got my illadelph for $200 (without the ash catcher) and it's like....20ish inches tall? I don't even know because I kinda just picked the biggest illadelph i could afford at the time. it was a great investment though none the less.

    you might also be able to find some simpler SYN glass on glass pieces for under 200, or even a ZOB.
  4. Price range? Syn showerhead? Lol either order what you want online or go see what the shop has! You have to let us know what you want!
  5. haha looks like someone started a thread and then forgot about it...
  6. lol no, i just havnt been around the internet for a minute... ima just get a roor, maybe a custom one from theyre website, just not sure which one...u guys can help me with that if u want; i dont have any preferences really..i just want somethin real price range... 400 highest maybe more, depends
  7. if you are going to spend 400 on a roor I would suggest getting something else. You could get a dope sg stemline for a little less than that and it will be way better than any roor you could get for the same price.
  8. Yea Roor is not like top of the line or anything, there is higher end glass out there. Check out ALT, get something with a nice diffuser, maybe a perc, or an ashcatcher. Get some Grunge Off SS to keep it clean, along with a glass GonG cleaning stopper/plug. Maybe a keck clip too unless it's a stemless, fixed stem, or doesn't have an ashcatcher. And finally a nice padded Vatra or Ryot bag case to protect it.

    That's my suggestion, but you have A LOT of options for 400, don't learn it the hard way.
  9. You'l get a lot better at that kind of price range, RooR's just a very well known name which ppl wrt in full LOL i wish when making recommendations people would write the full name !! who the heck is ssffg LOL

    If its a straight tube your after maybe but RooR's just seem boring nowadays with inlines and perc'd bongs are RooR falling behind? Or dor these perc's make little difference and more a style thing ?

    But you should look into other bongs as advised in other posts.

  10. SSFG translates into SoulShineFamilyGlass on Etsy.
    Roor is good quality, and they have great quality control, but there are many other brand that are on par with or better then Roor haha the name is hyped up. BUT if your looking for mass diffusion or the latest in waterpipe technology, then you should look elsewhere.

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