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Bong tricks?

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by Mr Worm, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. My first post and I'm already bugging people with questions.

    I bought a bong some time ago. It's a standard "Pull smoke into cylinder, pull bowl out, inhale" bong. It works like a charm and it's the best 100$ I've ever spent. I may post pictures of it later on, but I didn't start a thread to brag about it.

    I wanted to some some basic tricks people do with bongs to enhance smoking or make it easier. By tricks I mean things like adding ice to the water (Speaking of which, what is the purpose of that? Does it make it less harsh?) or using different liquids for bong water. Anything along those lines I would appreciate..
  2. Stick With Water....ice Will Make The Hits A Lot Smoother
  3. If you can find it, try using snow instead of ice water. As for bong tricks, wait for one of your buddies to fall asleep and pour the bong water all over him.
  4. Its usually a good idea to push the bowl down and slightly twist it, to insure a good seal.

    keep your bong in the fridge, use ice or snow when you can.

    stick with water!

    load a tight bowl, then stick a toothpic down the center all the way to the hole. itll burn good.

    change the water after each session, it will help it smell better.

    if you need to get the stem out (female) use hot water and a little soap, twist the piece slowly and be very careful, the female piece is the most common broken component.

    if you lose the rubber grommet on your male piece, a rubberband will work (saved me a few times).

    420 cleaner works better than rocksalt and alchohol to clean a bong.
  5. a glass bong kept inside of a freezer will crack the glass.....so unless you have some other material used to make your bong....i suggest running to the freezer and pulling that out lol.
  6. If you pucker up your lips just right with my bong, you can make the smoke inside the chamber spin like a tornado. I managed to do this on my friend's glass bong, so it should work on others as well.
  7. Thanks for all the tips.

    By female piece, do you mean the small cylinder which you connect the bowl to, which goes into the water?

    Also, you mentioned cleaning it. Someone I hang out with told me not to clean the inside of the bong (The part with the water) because of the brown color forming inside. He claimed it was resin forming, even though the resin forms inside the bowl... Just to make it crystal clear: The brown part inside the actual bong is not resin, right? If not, what is it, so I can explain this to my friend.
  8. Mr. Worm, I would recommend just buying some bong cleaning fluid at your local headshop. That brown crap that collects inside of the bong is just nasty residue, not worth trying to collect. Regular bong cleaning (every two months in my case) makes for a much more pleasant smoking experience.
  9. the female piece is the pussy of the bong. you slide the male piece out when your clearing it. the female piece just stays there. its the part that goes in the water.

    the brown shit on the inside of the bong is resin. fuck that shit though, clean it or your bong will smell and taste like ass. no need keeping it in their.

    you dont have to clean them often though, I clean mine every couple of months, and I put about 8-12 bowls of resiny, dank, bud through it a day.

    yea, dont put your piece in the freezer, it most likely WONT crack, but your lips might get stuck to it. the fridge is the best.
  10. also, warm to semi-boiling water is a nice changeup. gives really really smooth hits. i like this way better than ice cold water or ice.
  11. try to juggle your bong and lighter. --even if ya mess up, people will still laugh!
  12. heres my advice...

    cant go wrong with a bong

    nuff said
  13. The best things ive found to clean a bong is Methylated spirits and rice, all you do is put a bit of rice and metho in the bong you dont even need to use much, cover the holes and just give it a swirl and a shake for a few mins then your bong will be sparkling like new and it will look like you just brough it out of a shop.
  14. I hit out of a lil purple coloured plastic bong (glass ones are wayyy too expensive and hard to come by where i live) but a neat trick is if you're toking in the dark, get a torch our other light source, and hold it underneath the water chamber, it'll light up the bubbles and make it look real trippy and buzzy and more space out words. 
  15. Hardcore necrorape going on here
  16. Some like cooling the smoke some prefer room temp. 
    Cooling the smoke decreases kinetic energy of gas molecules causing them to slow down.  It gives a thicker more dense smoke.  Some find the cooler temp to be more soothing to their throat.  BUT colder air holds less moisture than warmer air so using room temp water would give a hit that has more moisture content and some find that to be more plesant/less harsh to their throat.
    I used to use cold water but switched about a year ago and now I like the room temp water.  Some people even warm the water slightly.
    Try different temps and see what you like.  Also try different water levels, you'd be surprised at how much this changes the feel of smoking from the tube.
  17. Doesnt this leave an awfull taste of meths in the bong . I used this to clean a grinder a while back and it stunk for days. ? :)

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