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Bong to buy...?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by polak, May 12, 2010.

  1. So, im lookin to get a piece for under 30 bucks, I want it to be a small bong, but if you have objections please share. I want it to be small for portability, so probably 10-20cm in height. I was thinking of buying from GC cause local headshop is far, and Ive never been there so i don't want to waste a trip and find they sell there shit for a lot. SO... Should i get a small glass, clear bong or a cool lookin ceramic. I wil be bringing it places to smoke so should be portable.
  2. Acrylic bongs are good for travel since they dont break and are usually pretty cheap.
    i dunno what you can find thats glass for under 30.
    good luck man :smoking:
  3. just don't do one thing and that's buy mini little gimmick sherlock bubblers. If you buy something, whether it be a bubbler, or acrylic, or a true glass bong, make sure its practical to use. Physics apply here. You want the length of the pipe to be good; you want vertical volume for the chamber, too, for maximum bong action. Although glass is far better than acrylic, practically speaking, there is nothing wrong with acrylic and it will work fine. Make sure your water is icy and the medicine top quality--preferably, make the change to using nothing but essence (kif or haash)

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