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Discussion in 'General' started by ground, Aug 22, 2003.

  1. i recently made a bong. the short story is, i added a carb to it this morning and it seemed to toke rather poorly. (only the second smoke out of it, so i couldn't be sure, but i definitely was lacking in certain feelings until i made a few adjustments at the second bud.) if you want to read a long thc-addled exposition on the bong's construction go here.


    however, when i covered the carb altogether i seemed to be toking as fine as i had the day of the inaugural smoke. i think my problem is this (but i've only been smoking for a few months and this is my first bong so i'm not sure): the carb is too high on the chamber. so at the point when i uncover the carb, AIR rushes into the chamber from the top and either a) pushes the smoke back into the water (and then to dissipation) by compression, or b) runs straight from the carb to my hose, blocking the flow of smoke. at least, that's what i think.

    so here's what i think a successful bong would look like, with the carb near water level so it pushes the smoke in the chamber UP by compression and into the tube:


    anybody have any experience with this situation?

    ps. i am pretty high, having successfully smoked a couple more buds after i worked through this episode only about an hour and fifteen minutes ago, but i went over this post rather carefully. i'm sure i still have typos somewhere.

    [edit] whoops: i guess i wasn't clear. i wasn't saying this is anything new or undiscovered, i was asking for help because i wasn't sure what went wrong.
  2. Whay ya wanna do is run ya a second tube down the carbhole to the bottom of the bong, even if it's in the water' as long as it's higher than the tube that's attached to the bowl, but as far down as you can go. Cover the hole and fill the chamber with smoke, and then uncovr the hole and hit it. This will feed fresh air in to the bottom and push the smoke up to where you're getting density at the mouthpiece.

  3. yeah but i'm new (and have done the vast majority of my 30 or so tokes solo so i was kinda lacking for corrective input)
  4. i'd rather use a tube from the top to get there tho, cause a side carb hole makes for easy spillage. Best thing there is is a slide carb. That's where the bowl and tube slide out of a bigger tube and the fresh air comes through antime the bowl is not in.

  5. now i have an out-of-place hole in my lovely novelty-coke-bottle top... =[[[... oh well maybe ill try widening it a little (damn hard, i spent more than an hour with heated nails/screws and tools making a decent-sized hole in the lid... didn't have a drill...) and putting a tube in

    or i can just plug it with a screw or silicone (still kinda ugly =[) and smoke sans carb hmm

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