Bong that holds most water w/ out splashing

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  1. Obviously everyone hates getting bong water in their mouth when taking a hit. The natural solution tends to be to use less water. That comes at the cost of less cooling and a more airy hit that isn't as satisfying.

    So I was wondering what kind of bong you guys think is the best for using a lot of water but without any splashing of water up into your mouth? I was thinking beakers should work good but am curious about what you all think. Special emphasis put on no water in the mouth too.
  2. Big bongs, or bent necks are to help with water spash back, some bongs even have a splash guard.
    But ive got no bent necks or splash guard, ive got a inline to 16 arm tree, iin my exxperience i can put as much water as i want below, dry hit it, and extra watter will fill up the tree, then u can put in more in the tree if u want or not.
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  3. My daily driver is a medium size Grav beaker bong. With their ice pinch and ice in it I've never been splashed with bong water. I'm using something new today the wife picked up and got splashed right away. Forgot to add ice, after that no more splashing. I also use a bent neck bong and water never splashes into the neck, but it's to skinny for ice so I don't like to use it.
  4. I diffused the end of the stem. Makes a big difference, but I still would like to use more water.
    I use a wine bottle.
  5. Hi, I use a 8 or 9 inch bong with a .5 bowl. It's a beaker bong and I have 4 bongs, but the beaker bong is my favorite because it pulls smooth and isnt too big.
  6. I just picked up a 12.5" recycler. I can almost fill it up to the top and draw as strong as I can with no water in the mouth at all. So far this is my favorite bong that I have used yet. It is fantastic when it comes to dabbing and vaping oil.
    Tornado_01242020_D 013.jpg

    This one is 9.5" recycler. Pretty much the same as the other as far as mouth water, but you do need to watch how much water you fill it with.
    BubblerWithXtraPerk_20191109 003.jpg
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  7. When I was about 16 we made a wet bucket from a wheelie bin, traffic cone (with the base removed) and a timber framed pully hoist. That held somewhere 200-300 litres and took about a half oz to fill the bowl :)
    We were pretty creative back in the day lol :)
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  8. We used to make gravity bongs.

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