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  1. what does 18.8/14.5 mean and 18.8 > 14.5
    i just got a new bong and it says
    cut: 18.8
    cup: 14.5
    pearl diffuser: 18.8 > 14.5
    does this mean the bowl is a standard 14.5 bowl. what do these terms mean
  2. 18.8>14.5 means that the actual joint on your bong is 18.8, while your bowl is 14.5. The pearl downstem reduces so you can use a smaller bowl size.
  3. so that means i can buy an 18.8 down stem and use an 18.8 bowl too.

  4. you need to buy a downstem that is 18.8 > 18.8 then you can use an 18.8 bowl.
  5. the measurements are all for the joints, not the bowls....the outside of the ground joint is 18.8mm in diameter while the inside of the ground joint is 14.5

    these threads belong in the apprentice section.....

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