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  1. I'm looking for a new bong, but I want something that's UV reactive because I have a lot of black lights around my place. I checked out the selection here and at my LHS, but only found some acrylic ones, and I was looking for something more ornate or unique. I really like the Empire Bio luminescent ones, but $400 is a little out of my price range. I found a few on Smoke Cartel, but I'm 19 so I can't order from them. Any suggestions for some cool looking UV reactive glass preferably under $200?
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  2. Get a glass one on etsy or eBay if they do em on they. They are called glow in dark bongs

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  3. make ur own

    then show us how you did it

    then sell them to GC for mega bucks

    so they can offer members a serious members discount

    2nd bong is mine and free

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  4. I'm actually gonna make one out of some old Hypnotiq and vodka bottles I have that I could probably do something with if I can get some good UV reactive paint that'll stay
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  5. Dremmel tool does wonders too
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  6. Oh yes it does

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  7. 001.jpg
    Lets drag this sucker out front and have a real good look

    nice too
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  8. This is a very nice piece man you get a fresh Bong each time you make one no need for cleaning them lol.

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  9. I like larger bongs that hold lots of water.
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  10. Thank you! It was my first time working with glass so it was a bit nerve wracking to cut the hole, but I got it and it works like a charm.
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  11. Yeah at first I thought that I drilled a little too high up. Then I saw that it was actually nice to have all that water because it adds a lot of weight to it and keeps it stable from accidental bumps.
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  12. Yeah it was a lot of fun making it actually. I'll probably make more as a I get more bottles just because it's a relatively cheap project and a lot of my friends don't have bongs so I can just give them ones I make lol
  13. lol...'how we turned out stoner to a wine-O .'

  14. You do realise it's against the rules to advertise/ try & sell glass on GC right? Reported.

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