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  1. Just got $300 for Christmas :hello:

    What kind of bong should I get? I want to get a bong that I can hook up to my Pax vaporizer. I'd like a bong with a lot of percs, an ash-catcher, or shower head. All suggestions and help is appreciated.
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    If I were in your shoes, I'd add 30 bucks to that Christmas present and get a Mobius Ion Matrix.

    For vapor, being that it takes longer to milk the glass than combustion, you don't want to go too big.

    Check out this vid of the Ion matted to a Cloud:

  3. You definately don't want something with a lot of percs unless you are ok with the amount of drag that comes with it. i would definatelty go with a mobius or even a luke wilson 15 arm bubbler. zob makes some good tubes aswell for a good price. headford glass is another brand to check out. *****************************
  4. I would go with a 2011/2012BC Gridded showerhead bubbler over any Single chambered toro Micros forsure. That's my 2 cents.
  5. hvy glass has a lot of great tubes (beaker base) in your price range

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