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Bong Slide

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LongDong, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. I want to know what cheap thing can be used as a good bong slide. I made a homemade bong and everything is good except the slide. Can anyone suggest a good item to use as a slide? If it is something I can get from a hardware store, please be specific.
  2. use a male to female air slide...

    its a brass fitting... i use them all the time...

    i belive fourtoone has as well and so has citysmoker420

    search their posts with homemades and see... i belive the POOR used it... i have a Poor that has one... it has a diffused downstem.. with a slide and a carb
  3. i have used a couple pens that happend to be the right size to slide in and out of eachother.
  4. i always made slides/bowls out of tinfoil. it takes a bit of practice, and im sure tinfoil isnt the healthiest thing, however ive done it many times and yet have seen any negative effects (no headaches, no tight chest, etc).
  5. thanks toy maker, i went and bought one today and it works great.
  6. np man. ive made TONS of bongs... i met a dude who lives close to me... (citysmoker) hes a g at homeades...

    me n him are gunna make one out of some glass bottles

    but i got my carbide drill bits taken by my rentals THATS THE SECOND SET!! URGHHHH

    gottta get more....

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