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  1. I'm going to make a cheap waterbong, a replica of a festival piece me and couple of friends made. And I need a couple of suggestions.

    I was thinking of making the bong about 40cm tall with a 4,5cm wide (ID) tube and a 11cm diameter spherical base. There will be a made ice catcher in the tube. I have ordered a downstem with bowl, which I will add slits to.

    I was thinking about using 5 stainless steel pins inside the tube to hold the ice away from the water. I was thinking about just drilling out 10 holes slide the pins inside and use some safe crazy glue to keep them at place.

    The tube is going to be made from Clear Plexiglass (Acrylic tube), downstem is of metal and the base is some kind of plastic.

    Will the size be big enough for decent hits?

    And is the tube wide enough or maybe is it to big?

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