Bong shipping to PA safe?

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    All i know is that i have ordered a bong from grasscity among other things and today i hear about how Tommy Chong got arrested for shipping a bong to Pennsylvania some time ago. I'm very uneasy now and wonder if someone out there actually knows something about this. I saw on other bong shipping sights that yes they do ship to PA but still not sure.

    still the only problem is that it is acrylic not glass. they said i would be asked to delete it and i have never gotten any email or message about it but it is taking an especially long time to ship

    Edit: I figured out if you are in the store and search mjgc that there is all the products you can not ship to Pennsylvania or Iowa. Nothing is mentioned about acrylic bongs or different types of pieces. All glassware can not be shipped to Those 2 states including bong slide, chillums, spoons, bowls, pipe, and bubblers. If there are pieces out there like the acrylic bongs they can be shipped to those 2 states.
  2. TOMMY CHONG WAS DIRECTLY TARGETED. This is not a conspiracy! Trust me, I know history. HE WAS A DIRECT VICTIM OF MULTIPLE GOVERNMENT AGENCIES! Look up in the black and white text that all trees have starved to deliver. By the way, bongs should be insured by the postal service because they are fragile, and when the post master asks you whats in the box, simply respond: "a bong."
  3. i was reading about that too and i just wanted an educated opinion. the only problem is i ordered a cheap acrylic bong for my first one.
  4. Yeah its true there should be intelligent opinion here............
  5. they didn't ask me to delete it from my order like they said they would and the order shipped today so i think that it should be safe.
  6. hey man im in pa too, how did it work out for you cuz i was thinking of ording a gas mask on here
  7. Your good. I did it way back when when I was like 17 from this site. Then I stepped on it and broke it by accident. It was such an awesome bong too for being cheap, it ripped so hard.
  8. Thanks dude
  9. You should be fine. If it takes longer then a month then, you should begin to worry. But I've heard from some buds of mine that if you order a piece from here sometimes, they will send ya what you wanted but not the color you picked..Update:us:
  10. Sorry to necro the topic, but I'm thinking about ordering a bong from GC and literally every single one I put in the cart, it says "cannot ship to this state" or something like that.  I'm from PA too.

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