Bong Shapes?

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  1. Hi I've been smoking for about two years now, and I was wondering why some bongs seem to get you higher than others. Like I have this Gravitron (it's just a glass gravity bong) that get me super high super fast. My brother has one that he calls 'the Flash' because it gets you high so fast. Do these things depend on the person? I am curious because when I have to make my own bongs I want to make them the best they can be.

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    all bongs have different inhalation charachteristics due to shape, size, amount of drag, amount of water, if it has percs etc

    in my honest opinion nothing beats a simple 9mm straight tube with an ice catcher. fuck perks they only create drag. straight tubes effortlessly shoot the smoke into your lungs the instant that bowls removed during a hit.

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