Bong rips and clash royale!

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  1. If you smoke and play clash royale, let me know what your favorite card is, what level you are, current arena, and your highest trophies (oh and your name if you want). Wanna see where the stoners fit in on the ranks!!!

    Name: We Dem OG Boyz
    Favorite card: skeleton army
    Level: 11
    Arena: 11 Legendary League 1
    Highest Trophies: 4704

    Clash on my friends
  2. never tried the game but downloading it rn :)
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  3. What’s your deck?
  4. Addicted to the damn game. Not very good though.
    Lvl 12
    Favorite card battle ram.
    Arena 11/legendary hover around the 4200 mark.
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  5. Which DECk?
  6. Executioner
    Battle ram
    Stab gobs
    Mega minion

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