Bong rips and bronchitis

Discussion in 'General' started by drobot, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. Lately I've been feeling rather shitty lungwise. Quit cigarettes just over a year now, so I figure it obviously can't be from that. My question is, can you still develop bronchitis and other lung ailments from purely taking bong rips? Or only from the carcinogens in blunta/jays?
  2. if you have bronchitis its not helping that your smoking. You will just hurt your body more
    that said, I always some through my sickness :smoking:
  3. You can develop bronchitis from inhaling smoke period,and if you have had bronchitis before it doesn't go away it just sits dormant.You inhale large volumes of smoke from a bong as compared to a joint or blunt,so it may take more of a toll on your lungs.But honestly you probably feel like that because the weed is breaking up all the shit in your lungs from when you smoked cigs.
  4. I doubt it'd GIVE you bronchitis, but fat bong rips wouldn't help you if you had it starting to form. So try to avoid blazin if you got a sore throat or bronchitis.

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