Bong riips all nightt..

Discussion in 'General' started by ibehyyerr, May 21, 2010.

  1. Im down to the last of my sac :confused_2:
    yes i know its badd.. So, when you high just chillin @ home what do you like to doo? I like listen to music n shit. Just reading Gc shit and watching tv. Fuckin, would you rather take one big as riip or 2 nice hits. :bongin:

    Im baaaked.
  2. I usually just zone out to some music, scarf on some good food, watch some TV. Sometimes I like to talk a walk if it's really nice out.

    And to answer the second question, 2 smaller rips. I don't like to cough too much.

  3. lol yeah, i like 2 hits also but i do like coughing because it gets me way hyyer. One massive rip is always great too thoo :smoke:
  4. I would rather have one fat hit then two smaller ones of the equal amount.

    As for the bong rips all night...Sure thing

  5. Haha, furrsure :bongin:

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