Bong recommendations?

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  1. hey ;D

    Iv been smoking weed for 3 years and i hadn't hit a bong till last weekend.
    i fell in love with it. the head rush i got from such a large toke and how it hit me all at once i found much more exciting than the joints i had been smoking for so long ( dont get me wrong i still love a joint :smoke: ).

    So anyway iv decided to buy a bong for myself but i'm not sure which one to get. I only have a bit of cash and don't mind if it doesn't last me forever.

    I'm looking online trying to find one to suite me but as i don't have much experience i don't know what i should be looking for. I like the look of this one but am worried the lack of a chamber to hold the smoke will stop me from doing large hits? Any recommendations for what i should get are welcome :)


    ( Approx 63cm Large Acrylic Ice Twist Bong, Clear Colour Cannabis Print )

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