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  1. Just bought a new bong. For some reason the piece you load the bowl in is hard to pull out. Because of that leathery piece that's underneath it. Am I supposed to take that off? Bad question lol
  2. We're gonna need to see some pictures...
  3. Just posted a pic.
  4. No leave that rubber there it helps it get a air tight seal.
  5. The rubber is so its air tight, take it out and try to take a hit lmao

  6. Thats not leather bruh its rubber, its used to make the bong airtight so you lose no smoke.. You should of asked your headshop if they have any bongs where the downstem is removable
  7. Yeah that's like a glorified bubbler...hate it when there's no slide you can pull out to clear.
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  8. It has a carb hole instead of a removable bowl
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  9. Well fuck. I wasted my money :(
  10. It at least has a carb though right?
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  11. Not seeing where there would be one the bong is so small it would make a mess.

    Would the water even stack high to hit the percs?

    Do you have to fill water on the bottom and the top?

    At least you only paid 12$ just learn and buy something better next time
  12. Maybe he is covering the carb hole with his finger...

  13. Piece like that is required to have a carb hole. No other way to clear the smoke
  14. Gonna make alot of messes :(
  15. Well at least it was only 12 bucks and you can still smoke out of it, just back small one hit packs and hit all of it in one hit, if there is a carb hole great, if not just keep inhaling until you get all the smoke..The piece will still work but if you wan't a bong with removable bowl you are going to want a glass on glass bong, no rubber in sight

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