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Bong questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mm10, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. I've been smoking daily out of a small spoon pipe for 6-7 months now. How much higher will a bong get me than my pipe?

    If I empty the bong water after every sesh and rinse it with water every 2-3 days (equates to about 1.5g), will it smell?

    How loud is the bubbling of the water? I smoke in my garage so I'm worried that someone outside might be able to hear it.

  2. Tell them you farted in your garage bath tub if they ask about the bubbling sound.
  3. Bump bump bump
  4. A bong will get you more stoned because you can take bigger tokes on it than a pipe. I wouldn't be able to estimate how much more stoned you will get because everyone is different.

    As far as smell goes, I've never had any problems. Just pour it out and rinse it after you're done and it should be fine. If it's still a problem, just put it in a large plastic bag or rubermade container.

    If someone hears you smoking in your garage with the door closed, you bought the loudest bong in the world. There actually quite quiet. If you're still worried about that get a fish tank or a decorative garden fountain and blame it on that.

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