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bong question

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by jmasta, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. has anyone ever put anything other than water in their bong, ie: apple juice, gatorade, etc... and if so what did it taste like?
  2. Ive smoked outa bongs with different stuff in it a few times, personally I think Ice cold water is the way to go you get plenty of taste from the bud :smoke:

    gatorade was the only one that seemed like a decent substute (for some reason cant spell that word)
  3. I have experimented with many different bong liquids over the past couple of years. Personally I have found ice cold water to be the best, but different liquids definitely give off different tastes. Gatorade and Powerade are pretty tasty, but they tend to get the bong sticky inside. Fruit2o or whatever its called, the water with flavoring also tastes really good and doesn't get as sticky since there is no sugar. One really wierd one I've done is vodka and cranberry juice. It tasted a lot like the mixed drink and some of the people I was smoking with said they got a buzz off the vodka. Personally I was already blasted beyond recognition so I couldn't tell the difference, but I guess it could work.

    Ice cold water is the best.
  4. Ive tried a lot of things lol, pop (Rootbeer, Coke, Orange, Sprite), ive had milk, chocolate milk, hot chocolate, hot water (So Smooth), Snow, Propel, Fizz, Slushy, beer and vanilla vodka..

    They didnt really change the taste, you smell it as you toke and kinda taste it, nothing major..atleast thats why i found..the best one would be Propel
  5. i tried sprite once. meh. not impressed. i've heard of other things, but i just stick to ice cold water...
  6. Ice cold water with just a splash of listerine worked pretty well for me a couple of times. Real cold minty tasting hit, pretty awesome.
  7. I have tried Propel... my favorite is Berry. I know its not a HUGE difference from water, but when you taking a hit you can slightly taste the flavor. Since it is so subtle you can also taste the bud- great combo. Its awsome. Im a big fan.


    isnt that odd when that happens? Today at work I was attempting to get something done and I could not for the life of me spell because. Words we know so well sometimes get screwed up- or just look wrong when we write them... its our brain's playing tricks on us!!
  8. I tried with pepsi in a homemade bong but I didn't taste it.

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