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Bong question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ItalSteve, May 25, 2010.

  1. So i just recently bought a bong (2 days ago) and i invited some friends over to baptise one friend who i guess you could say was the veteran of the group flipped shit when he saw that i had put warm/fairly hot water in the it made the hits A LOT the point that i thought i forgot to pack my bowls:p...BUT he said that its really bad for your health and that cold water was the best thing to which one is it? cus he's always been right before(hes kinda my stoner tutor:))
  2. The steam coming off the water may be a nasty mix with the tar from the smoke, just for your lungs sake I'd keep using cool water, It keeps the air dryer.
  3. It's all a matter of taste really, some people prefer cold and others prefer hot. I just use water straight from my reverse osmosis, which is slightly cooler then room temperature.

  4. I personally think warm water makes your hits taste disgusting.
    Clean cold water is the tits
  5. Hot water makes it take like dish washer
    Water colder then a Witches tit with a Brass bra on the Shady side of an iceburg is awsome
  6. I always preferred cold water, though I don't know if the warm/lukewarm water is unhealthy as opposed to the cold water to be honest.
  7. does the bong have ice notches? use cold water then put ice in it, its such a smooth cool refreshing hit, why i love bongs and i'm always rockin ice notches :smoke:

  8. Agreed. :smoke::D

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