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Discussion in 'General' started by CodyMac, Aug 22, 2003.

  1. well for me it depends not on the length of the bong, but the size of the (too fucked to remember it's real bit you put the hash in.....if it's a big bowl and a small hole......but not too small that you can't get a draw from it, it's a mix of hash and oxygen.........the smaller the hole the more hash and less oxygen you'll get and vice versa........providing that your covering the shot hole alltogether..........hope that made sense, it does to me, but i'll retype it if need out.........Sid
  2. Heh, it kind of does, i guess what your trying to say is that it all depends on the type of bowl that you use? I find that slider bongs are more effective than carb-holes, and i use a small bowl when im smoking alone or just with 1 other person because i think its more bang for the weed, then i'd use a bigger bowl when smoking with more than 1 other.
  3. i think that size matters cause the bigger the bong is the more smoke u can get in it. but i have smoked out of many 12 inch bongs and it gets me high just fine.
  4. I got way to many bongs,but i use a bong no bigger than a foot.
    Every time i get a new bong i buy a bigger bowl,seems like they always put too small of 1 in it.
    Most small bowls cant hold a screen becauce the sides are smooth,the bowl with threds are much better.

  5. So dont use a screen... why would you even want to use a screen when you dont need too?

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