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  1. So I just bought a bong where the downstem and bowl are one. Is there anyway I can rig it to where the bowl can slide out so I can clear it ? Really need to know.
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    Just buy a downstem and a bowl separately from a headshop.

    - What don't you like about the combo? I mean personally I'd prefer them separate, but if the bong I bought had the combo I'd just use it anyway lol. It's not a matter of "what if it breaks" it's more so "when will it break", and then I'd get a new one
    I was talking about the bowl/stem btw not the bong.
    I'll stop now
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  3. Like everyone and their grandma has said, is saying and will be saying, just go buy those from a local head shop or online. Remember, cheap is cheap for a reason.

    Be sure to save the original for another use or as a back up in case you break what you're going to buy at some point. Also, you could use it for various DIY projects.
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