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  1. The water level only needs to be enough to cover the percs (slits). So, in the beaker area, put enough water in to cover the slits on the looks like you will only need an inch so. For the tree perc chamber follow the same rule...dont fill it up much higher than the slits or you will inhale water. I hope this helps!

  2. Like an inch above the slits? One problem is that the base of the beaker is black so it'll be hard to tell how much water to put in. That's why I was wondering if just the top of the black part would be a good amount if water.
  3. the black part would seem a bit too high, honestly just test it out until it feels good. if you feel a lot of drag chances are there is too much water. if it doesn't bubble, then not enough water.

    You can do it, its a pretty simple thing that comes easily with some practice

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