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  1. So I don't own a bong myself but have ripped many different kinds at friends houses and what not. I have never noticed huge differences in each bong but haven't exactly payed attention. I was thinking about purchasing one but want it to be exactly what I want. If someone could give a lowdown on different types and advantages and disadvantages. I also had a couple other specific questions like how does different water levels effect your hit and does the more complex bongs yield better quality hit or is all that extra stuff bull shit, basically what is worth having on a bong and what is just taking up space and costing you money that isn't going to pay off.
  2. well the most important thing in deciding what you want to buy is what you can afford. Whats your budget?
  3. Around 250,300
  4. But I would still want to know about the more expensive ones and If its worth saving for
  5. Well you have a good budget. Well i'm assuming you are talking about a bunch of tree percs or something. yeah something with 3 or more percs are usually bad. they are drag monsters and killer flavor. One gridded perc will do. If you can order online and live in the usa you can get a apix designs piece. It will be 140-180 depending if you get a disk perc or not. if you want to save up a little you can try and get a sovereignty piece of agua labs lol. But for around 300 you can get something very good.

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