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Bong Purchasing Help

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by LIsmoker, May 30, 2009.

  1. Hey

    I havent really posted but am looking into purchasing a bong and wanted to come to the experts for an opinion. This is the first bong I'll be purchasing myself so I'm looking for something to last a little while. It'll be used semi-daily since I also have a vape to hit sometimes as well. It will be used for indoor use but I need it to be a little sturdy since I live in NY and go to school in VA so it'll travel sometimes.

    I was looking at EDIT and found a few EHLE bongs that will do. I read around the forum a little and found out that they are the best deal for something under or around 100. I going to getting the EHLE 500ml or a 250ml, I want ice notches for sure and glass. I was going to buy a separate diffuser if I got the EHLE but if I can get a bong that comes with it please that'd be good.

    I'm open to new brands and such so please give me your opinion.
  2. well first off, what's your spending range?

    If you want a tube that will last you, then i'd suggest a 9mm US Tube. I don't have one, but some people on here own em & are very happy with them. And they're pretty cheap for the quality
  3. theres two truths to a bongs life... one, accidents happen.. and two, theyre all worth the same when broken

    just keep that in mind haha. i bought a Pure P7 from a local headshop, its about a foot and a half tall, has an ice catcher, glass on glass, and 7mm thick glass. i only paid $115 and im very happy with it, we bring it all over the place in a backpack with a towel so its also half decently portable.

  4. yea I would scoop up a US Tube as well. a lil mor expensive but it is once of the things where you really get what you pay for. The 9mm would be ideal but even theyre 7mm and 5mm are super beefy. They actually use the same thickness glass throughout the tube, which is one of the big diff when u buy a cheap one. some 7mm tubes still have 2mm thick glass on the bottom...

    if you need help finding em online, PM me.
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    I'm looking to spend either around $100 or less preferably... I'll take a look at US Tubes online I'll start clicking google now.

    It doesn't really need to be too crazy just last me the next 3 years of college and deal with a few trips between NY and VA each year for breaks.
  6. us tubes are a little outta ur price range, i would suggest an ehle 5mm for around ur spending range, if ur interested in website that sells us tubes and/or would like to know the prices pm me for it
  7. Wanna get faded at an affordable cost?
    I say get the EHLE 250-500ml :)
    Affordable quality.

  8. Def. think I'm gonna pick up an EHLE I'll let you know how it goes.
  9. I go to uni in VA too, where do you go?
  10. Not exactly, I guarantee you I could sell a RooR Kustom that was broken. Or a custom Toro.

    You can get tubes fixed.

    I say check out BFG, 9mm US Tubes will suit you well. I loved mine.

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