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Bong Problem

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Cannabisxz, Aug 22, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, I'm a long time bong user. Been using bongs as my main way of smoking for years now. But lately, I've been having a problem.. After I take a bong hit, every single time, I get resin lips and disgusting pieces of tar in my mouth. It's extremely gross.

    I clean my bong daily, so that is not the issue. I also do not pull too hard when I'm hitting it. I do take large hits though, usually .3-.4 in a hit. I don't know if that could be it though because I've always done that in the past and it was no problem. What do you guys think is going on?

    Oh, and I also use ice all the way to the top of my ice catcher. So I don't get how gross ass tar gets on my teeth.

    I'm quite stoned right now and it just was happening like usual, so I figured I'd ask.
  2. Does your problem happen with all bongs or just the one?
  3. It's the moisture off the ice, I have the same problem when I fill my bong with ice to the rim.

    Resin is made from a combination of moisture and smoke
  4. I'm not sure. I only rip my bong. :p

    Thanks, I will give it a shot with less ice later tonight and see if that helps.
  5. Okay, well I just took a bong rip with only 2 cubes in there (rather than the usual 7 I put in), and that didn't help at all. Ended with disgusting tar in my teeth and resin lips like usual. I now have a routine of where I have to have tissue paper with me to get rid of resin lips and then swish water through my mouth the get rid of the tar shit. Not cool.
  6. i used to have the same problem until i got me a pre-cooler (one of these extra chambers you put onto the chillum to give you double filtration), that takes care of the tar pieces since most of the gunk stays in the first filter.
    as for resinmouth i'd say it mostly depends on how you hold your lips while ripping, my gf and i use the same bong, but only she gets resin lips of it, not me, so i guess that's the reason...

    woohoo... post #100 :D
  7. The stuff in the teeth may be something to do with the bong itself. I agree with the previous poster though that resin lips is dependant on how you hold your mouth. My friend who I often smoke with nearly always gets the resin lips and I never seem to
  8. Okay, I have to ask; what are resin lips?

    I assume it means being able to taste resin for a bit if you lick your lips. Or are you guys actually getting black resin on your mouths? :eek:
  9. yup, it's a dark brown residue around the mouth...
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    ahhh that was a funny read... only cuz i've been having the exact same problem.

    the REAL problem is that this problem itself is soo unpredictable. i've gotten it after a full alcohol/salt scrub. i get it on friends bongs.. my bongs.. any bong. but not all the time. there is no way to tell what conditions give that disgusting resin in the mouth and it is pissing me off so much.

    i had a hard time finding this thread, and still no one knows the answer :(

    res lip: i think that happens when your lip is crunched/folded and the smoke passes through those folds, leaving the residue. like some guy above said, the moisture and the smoke makes thats nasty brown resin.. but not the black stuff.

    i dont get the resin in my teeth... well im sure i do, but i have to run to the bathroom right away cuz it tastes so damn bad and when i keep drawing the spit up from the back of my tongue, more brown resin specks keep coming up.

    anyone know whats up with this brown stuff?? i just gave my bowl a very thorough alcohol cleaning (came out clear and looking brand-new), and changed the water/cleaned stem on the bong. now i am getting it EVERY hit... it's never been this bad! help!!!

    this is just a LOOOONG BUMP!

    EDIT: just smoked a bowl of my homegrown. nothing in my mouth, nothing in my spit, only taste is of delicious grass. it must have been that poop outdoor i was smoking...
  11. I have this problem through highend bongs. Toro fixed stems and what not.

    even with ice pinche slide, so flow is not the problem. Sometimes i dont get it, sometimes i do. and I KNOOOOW im gonna get it when you see that gross yellow smoke.
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    OK I am having the same problem. I am a long time bong user and this a new experience. Almost every time I take a hit i end up with a horrible taste and visible brown resin on my teeth. And its definitely resin cause Ive wiped it off my teeth and it has the smell and texture of resin. but pretty nasty resin. I am using a a glass on glass w/ a diffuser. This will happen even after the bong has just been cleaned. Ice or no ice doesn't matter for me. happens either way. The water isn't getting unusually ash-y or dirty.

    I only have 1 idea on what may be causing it. I think my actual bowl may be slightly broken. Its difficult to explain because its hard to notice but i think one time I poked the bowl and perfectly round circle of glass broke off. Like the diameter of the bowl is slightly bigger. At first I thought "wow it has been this clean in a while" because as i looked through the hole and it appeared to be wider. But the hole was perfect, not jagged or anything and I didn't notice any glass in the resin i poked out but i also didn't look hard.Anyway, I have continued to use the bowl as normal. It seems to work fine. But now i'm speculating that might be the source of my issue. Its very easy to do and not even realize it. I am going to get a replacement bowl today and test my theory. If I am no longer getting resin, that this is the solution, Just replace your bowl. If not...back to drawing board.

    I will post again later with an update. If any of the other guys that were having this issue resolved it, please post again and let me know the solution. Its very frustrating, my bong is an expensive one and I don't have the cash to replace the whole thing. Its messing up my smoking experience and I really prefer to use bongs over any other implement.

    **its not my weed cause Im a medical user and I have tried probably 7 or 8 different strains some of which were complete organic. It happens regardless so I'm certain its an issue with the bong in some way
  13. I've never had this problem, but might I ask; What are your water levels?
  14. Hrm. I'm wondering since you say you take such big rips if simply taking smaller or much slower rips would help? I mean are you inhaling like you're going for a world record to kill the whole bowl at once?

    Just wondering if a slow steady draw (almost like a vape) would help here.
  15. This is how I take my hits (even the massive ones) and, like I mentioned, don't have a problem. I think tokinITguy is on to something here.
  16. I appreciate the feedback. I don't think its an issue with pulling too hard. I have been using this same piece for over a year and the issue only developed about a month or 2 ago. My style hasn't changed. I'm a pretty seasoned user. I also thought about water levels. The water is not too low, it could be too high perhaps. Either way, I have tried it at a few different intervals and the water does not seem to matter.

    I went and purchased a new bowl yesterday. It didn't make a difference. I tried as an experiment to cover the mouthpiece with a piece of cloth. I did this and pulled through the cloth. It left an ugly brown yellow residue, as expected, but there was an actual sticky brown resin on the cloth. And some even passed through the cloth onto my teeth. Very freaky!

    My last resort is to replace the stem. If I replace the stem, the bowl, clean it, set perfect water levels and the issue still persists, then I'm gonna do the only other thing possible...Clean it real well and sell it to someone else. Hope they have better luck.
  17. it not your bong, bowl , or downstem.

    Its a combination of you packing the bowls to tight- causing the smoke to condense=resin = yellow smoke

    To avoid this you should try packing your bowls differently. and when you can tell that its not pulling well(gettting yellow smoke), slightly remove your slide so that its not airtight and continue to hit--This will eliminate the yellow smoke.

    Also when you see the yellow smoke, clear it veryy slowly like a poster above suggested. like a vape draw/

    I have this same problem bro, and its a real bitch.

    Most people have this problem, they just dont realize it.

    Try licking your hand after a nice yellowy hit. You will find a toungue print of resin!

    Hope this helps
  18. Ok I do appreciate the feedback very much.

    I purchased a new bong. A Roor. And I wish I had read the above post before hand because I am still having the issue so its clearly not the bong or equipment.

    I hadn't considered the issue of packing the bowl too tight. But I believe you are onto something there. Its not that I pack it too tight but perhaps an issue with it being too airtight. I am going to try it with the bowl and stem a little looser and I very light bowl. I am familiar with a "yellow smoke" hit and I get those sometimes but not all the time. I get resin teeth all the time now.

    Guys, please try and keep this thread going until I solve my issue. I have been a long time bong smoker and this is really messing me up. It seriously screws up my day when every hit I take tastes nasty and leaves resin and tar in my mouth. Its horrible. I have to fix this. I just spent $250 I don't have on a new tube to fix it and it hasnt worked. I will post an update.

    Stick with me Brothers!!!!
  19. Sweet atleast you got a Roor outa the whole ordeal.

    but yeah test out my slide theory. Dont mess with the downstem though, keep that airtight.

    And like I said pack up your bowl loosely,and u shouldnt have this problem.
  20. Ok Still working on it with no success. I tried to pack the bowl lightly, I actually used my vape poker to fluff it up like a vape hit. I kept the slide a little loose and same result. Maybe I need to go with a looser slide. I'm gonna go over to the shop and see about a getting a carbon filter or something similar. I don't really like ash catchers. I am not sure this will solve my issue but it can't hurt. I plan to still experiment with technique stuff as far as bowl packing, slide position and how hard I pull until I get a working combo.

    This is gross but here is a pic of my teeth after the last hit

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