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  1. When milking a bong, Is their any rise or decrease (vacuum) in pressure?

    I understand bongs always have a constant flow of air through it. That air however is passed through an orrifice therefore their must be some sort of pressure change. Just like an air conditioning system.

    So what are we lookin at? How much PSI or Inches of Mercury?
  2. My bong operates best at exactly .206 Bar.

    Just kidding, why the fuck would anyone know that?
  3. Pfft, I dont use atmospheres.

    And I dont know, maybe they were curious like me and found an answer that they could share. Is that not the point of a forum?
  4. Well, PSI stands for "pounds per square inch", so I would say probably only a few at the most, maybe more when you are clearing it of course.

    There is a vacuum created in it by you sucking in; there's no other way air could be forced through a diffuser unless there was some sort of vacuum.
  5. Yeah, I guess you're right. For the record I like to put about an inch and a half of mercury in my bong.
  6. ask your chemistry teacher
  7. this is something i think should be investigated because wouldnt that be a good way to judge drag

  8. You do that, I prefer to test vacuum with Inches of Mercury. That way I end up, you know, less dead.

    And yes, would be an excellent way to test drag especially on bongs with ash catchers and perculator.
  9. Why would you measure a vacuum in PSI? PSI is outward pressure. When you pull through a bong you're lowering the pressure inside to below atmospheric pressure. The harder you pull the lower the pressure is and the faster air is pulled through.

    I'm really not sure why you'd be curious of this unless trying to compare a "dragless" bong to one with a lot of drag. Even then it's really not going to matter because people like to pull at different speeds.

    Where I could see it mattering is in videos showing bubbles stacking. I'd like to know the normal pressure of a hit from that bong where you usually don't see as much stackage, versus a the pressure when someone shows them pulling hard to stack a ton of bubbles. It always seems that when they show the milkshot there are less bubbles stacking but sometimes more. That's the only time I'd really care, when people show super stackage. Because then I'd know if I'll really get that kind of stackage during a normal hit.
  10. Actually, vacuum can be measured in PSI as atmospheric pressure is 14.7. Any pressure below 14.7 is vacuum.

    For measuring vacuum, if you had read the original post, you would use inces of mercury .

    1 Inch of mercuy= 1 "HG

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