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Bong Preferences

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by GroTrees, Mar 9, 2004.

  1. im planning on making 2 new glass smokin pieces (well more then that actually but two im really excited about) the first one will be a steamroller bong: 4.5" glass beaker connected perpindicular to a foot long glass tube open on both ends with a small hole on the bottom and large hole on top that i will fit a glass side into, all will be joined by heating the glass with a welder and joinging them, the other piece im going to make (the one im mroe excited about and why im posting this) will be a 26.5" bong: 8.5" 1000ml beaker that into snuggly fits an 18" hard black plastic tube that is 1.5" in diameter.

    my question is what would u prefer:

    a 4 inch metal bong stem connected to a 5/16" surgical tube placed halfway up the plastic tube and the hose would go to the bottom of the bong

    or a large glass slide put into the bottom beaker

    the first idea would create a cooler hit i think, but the second i would have to wait to spring to make (when i heat glass in the winter it jus cracks when cooling down, there is no way i can heat it inside or transport it quickly without cracking it, ive tried and failed several times) the second would have better hits (i think), a bigger chamber, it would be cooler looking (more conventional) and also it would be easier to clean (wouldnt have to mess with cleaning a 17' surgical tube which i would imagine would be hard to do)

    my question is what would u prefer, what would seem to be better to smoke out of, any things i might not have thought about that you would think would be a problem

    heres pic, tried to make 3d lookin

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  2. definitly the large glass slide put into the bottom beaker
  3. id just drill holes for both, then when your using the stem in the higher hole, just stuck a plug in the lower one...
  4. Go with the glass. My friend made one like your first idea and it cuked ass. A bitch to hit, clean, and mess with. Go with the glass slider.

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