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Bong, Pipe, or Joint?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Fcat, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. What, Where and When?

    • On the run? I think a joint is the only way to "fly".
    • A little light in the wallet? You can't beat a small pipe for economizing.
    • Plenty in the stash, and you want the back of your head blown out? Hit me with a bong.
    But that's just 40 years of smoking talking. What do you think?
  2. a bongs going to get you fucked up the most with the least amount of weed, if your really low you could even drain the water out.
  3. I pretty much always smoke out of my gongs.
    I tend not to smoke in my car, and usually always in the comfort of a home, so glass is usually always available. It's what I enjoy :D

    Though I do like being out in nature and on the water, and if that's the case I usually bring a bub or a small steamroller.
  4. I think you hit it right on the nose, my friend.
    I don't roll joints, but I've got a lil metal "pack me, screw my cap on, and smoke me on the way to class!" pipe; a nice tough glass pipe; and a lil bong that I usually hit off.

    My roommates love smokin big fat bowls, and who doesn't, but I can't afford to throw that down all the time, so I love my lil bong
  5. Yeah better defines the amount of weed you will use than the mobility provided. If you got a lil bong like a lux mini you can easily toke that bitch on the go. I do!

  6. what would draining out the water accomplish?
  7. -Blunts Always Down
    -Bong When Im In The Pleasure Of My Room But If On The Couch We Roll Blunts occasiouly
    - Joint When All You Got is Papers And arent going to citgo for a dutchy
    -bowl when your chillan in the whip nd dont have money for a dutchy
  8. If I had an endless supply of weed I would smoke only spliffs with the occasional bong hit.
  9. Garage Arsenal:

    * 4 chamber bubbler

    * Digi Vapor VP500

    * Case of Aleda king size

    Mobile Operations:

    *Joint strike force

    *Big Fat Hand Pipe
  10. I havent smoked weed in the car in years, that used to be pretty cool...but around here Johnny law will pull you over for having one running light not quite as bright as the other (just wanted to let you know your tail light is not perfectly Red...oh, & step out of the car please.)

    So, around the house I mainly use a bubbler...I just like the way it hits, I havent smoked a joint in a long time as well, I think a lot of smoke is getting I dont really wanna taste the paper. Now, my dark skin bro rolls the shit out of blunts...I mean that guy is a pro, he rolls'em like they were made in a factory, if they have a flavor I'll hit it with him, but if its just the regular blunt I normally pass & pack my little spoon bowl.
  11. gong for me. blunts rule too.
  12. Bong is the way to go unless you have a huge surplus of weed then I would go with the blunt.
  13. When I say on the go it doesn't HAVE to mean car. Sometimes it just means, well "mobile", not sitting on the couch.

    The beauty of a joint is you can swallow all evidence in about 5 seconds.
  14. definately pipe or j whebn im out and about
    bong in my car or home
    blunts whenever ive got wraps

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