Bong, Pipe,grinder Manufactures/designers In Texas.

Discussion in 'General' started by Texassmoker317, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. I believe I have an idea of a product that would be very useful for smokers that use grinders and pipes, bongs, anything with a bowl. I have created it and used it and it works very well. I would like to get in touch with someone that creates bongs, pipes, bowls, grinders etc. in Texas preferably the Houston area but am willing to travel. I have tried to find more information online but am unable to come up with anything. If anyone knows someone that they would be willing to put me in touch with I would be very appreciative. Hopefully someone that designs different smoking pieces or grinders and that has a great knowledge of the market.
  2. I should have said that in the op but I have gotten the patent for it and so now I am just looking for partners/help getting it off the ground.
  3. Cool, a patent!
    Show us that thinger majigger
  4. Dont know how to help you but good luck

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