bong/pipe appraiser

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by Pizzaroll, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. I'm watching pawn stars right now and the idea hit me. What if we had glass appraisers; specifically for bongs and pipes. Or all things hemp/marijuana. I think that would be such a cool job. If there's already something like this out there sorry. :smoke:

    Example: Oh, it looks to be an old 17th century wooden pipe here. It looks to be the same style of pipe that abraham Lincoln would have used. This pipe would be good for an old antique collector or pipe enthusiast. It could fetch anywhere from "?" to "?" in an auction setting.

    Example: Oh I see this looks to be a RooR. This is a 2009 RooR Excalibur. It was a winner of the 2009 cannibas cup glass category. I would say in this economy it would be worth somewhere around "?" Dollars.
  2. Well probably not, because most bongs and pipes arent used for tobacco.. and you wouldnt want to appraise a used piece. pawn stars is the best show, period.
  3. I know but when it becomes medically legal/federally legal then maybe that could be possible.

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