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Bong Parts

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by astro, Sep 21, 2005.

  1. Ok, so I'm trying to build a waterpipe/bong that works like this:


    I've seen a chemical supply shop that sells the two-hole stopper, so that's not a problem getting (although I can't remember the URL of the site... I hope I remember when I get around to building this thing, any help?). What I can't find are metal bowls with stems long enough to go to near the bottom of a bottle, as the ones in the GC link do. I basically just need a long stem, but all the bowls in the local shops are glass, and thus have a shorter stem.

    Any ideas? Should I just try to find a piece of threaded aluminium pipe? I've made long-stemed bowls from stuff around the house but they literally rust away (no stainless steel pipes laying around, apparently).

    Also, as an aside, does anyone know of a cheap (as in, I don't need to order in bulk) chemical supply shop? What I need is the various flasks they use. My job takes me around to chem labs and damn, I've seen stuff that *screams* "Make a bong out of me!". Shit, I'm pretty sure some of them are intentionally stored to look like bongs, hell, I once saw one that was bong shaped and even had a glass-on-glass stem and bowl. Perfect fucking bong. I'd steal that shit but if I touched most of the stuff from these labs I'd probably die. But 100% pyrex and everything. I mean like I seriously think some bongs are just pyrex glass from lab stores, because the joints for them and everything is *exactly* the same. Just bongs say "ROOR" and not "PYREX 500ML" So I'm trying to find a place that sells that glassware, but I don't want to ask around work even though they probably know what I'm thinking about when I'm staring at some piece that would make a perfect multi-chambered all-glass on glass bong but I can't take it :(
  2. Ok, well I found some places that sell stoppers in the right size as well as a variety of flasks, so I'm covered there.

    All I need now is a reeeeally long stemmed bowl.
  3. sounds like a sick idea man, unless youd be poisoned, you could use a lead pipe, like for plumbing n shit, i bet they come that small...other than that, great plan, lemme know how it goes...

    edit: you could use the pipe to go over the slide, meaning the slide slides through the pipe, then you super-glue it shut, again im not sure about poisonous stuff, so research it first...glass is always the best way to go...
  4. I used to have a bowl that was lead. Or I think it was lead, it may have been iron or some other metal that rusts really easily. (I think it was iron now that I think of it). Anyway it was made from a threaded thin iron pipe and a little metal bowl screwed on the top.

    Anyway you can check out some of the sicker Pyrex stuff here: http://www.prismresearchglass.com/Flasks-9-28.aspx

    My favs:



    ^^ What I have now (2nd one)

    I've decided once I can find/create a good, reliable stem/bowl, I may sell these things. The rubber stopper is like, what, $0.25 a piece, pre-drilled. I go through tons of beer and other liquor bottles all the time, and the hose part of the mini-hookah could easily be made from some aquarium tubing. That's like $3 in parts right there, including bottle. Not a slick looking as the one they have here, but there's something cool about hitting a bong made from a Jagermeister bottle :p Plus I don't think it would be hard to make it more complex, with multiple bottles (A six-chambered beer bottle bong might be slick) and fancy looking stuff for the hose, which might be the hardest part of it all, and even then it would just take time and some ingenuity to think of good looking things.

    Still can't find a bowl with a long stem though. Like it basically needs to be a hookah bowl/stem, not a regular bong one, because it has to reach from the top of the flask/bottle and go to about 8"+ down.
  5. Umm RooR works their stuff on a lathe so they probably blow their own shapes which would obviously include flasks an such as ground joints and labware go hand in hand lol

    As for what you can do... go to your localhead shop and ask to see their replacement 9mm downstems

    You should be able to find a long one in the mix. I couldn't get the size I needed for my flask water filter vapo addon (for schwagg an higher temp vapping) so I used some stock med wall pyrex to create a downstem into a filtering flask and out the nipple right into an oven bag

    Now if you just want a hookah you can probably get a cheap 10-20 dollar bomex filtering flask a rubber or cork single opening stopper (may have to drill it) some clear tubing and the long downstem/bowl combo on top

    I tried it before I stopped smoking as a hookah and it does work nicely if the water is taking up enough space to keep the hits cool yet fresh
  6. Hehe, I was shopping for Pyrex glassware (lab glassware is actually blown, not molded, at least the good stuff is) and I found a place that sold "custom glassware" and showed a bunch of photos of past projects they've done... including a bunch of glass-on-glass bongs. Looked just like RooRs. I'm sorry, RooR is probably an excellent bong, but I sincerely believe they overcharge, at least compared to the rest of the labware that's of similar shape/ features. I mean I know RooR's are high quality and glass-on-glass (GonG), but there's really nothing special about GonG at least from a manufacturer point of view, if so many of these places I've come across do it and sell their pieces for like $3 each. I'd love a roor but I can make one for a fraction of the cost. But I digress.

    It didn't occur to me, but I could buy replacement hookah hoses to use as the hose. Problem is, they're $20 each (well, the first place I found them are this price) which is like 4x the cost of the rest of the piece put together.

    Heh, I'm actually having trouble finding replacement hookah stems online. Everywhere just sells the bowls but not the stem. Probably because the stem is somewhat customized to the specific piece, but you'd think at least one place would sell some generic lengths. I guess I'll have to ask around the local shops, but I doubt they have them either.
  7. Umm have you ripped a roor? Owned any german lab grade bongs with ground joints? lol

    I've enjoyed labware pieces and real ones and by far there is a difference between a rubber stopped flask and a perfectly calculated lathe turned roor or bluedot

    You can't create much of that experience without the cost (either paying them or getting the tools to make diffusers to attach gong joints an so on) so don't try just find a diy piece that fits ya

    20 for a Bomex 500ml flask (the 250ml is more fast yellow water bubbler sorta rips) another 2 bucks in pvc tubing the bowl and an extra long downstem

    Worst case you can buy a bowl by the bomex flask buy the stopper and tubing then hunt down some 9mm pyrex tubing cut to whatever you want. If you aren't moving it you could get it like double the size of the flask an have the bowl standing in mid air so you can watch the last of the glowing ash shoot to the container down this long clear run

    Cooler smoke for sure even when you fill the base with scalding hot (its actually way smooth) water

    Also no labware is molded it's all quartz or pyrex hand or lathe worked

    Look up computer controlled glass lathe as I'm sensing you didn't get what I mean't by some of that

    A lathe just spins the piece allowing you to heat an roll just like you'd shave an roll on a wood lathe
  8. I'm not stupid, no need to guess at what I understand and what I don't; that's insulting.

    Ok, you can justify the spending all you want, I'm not saying that a rubber-stopped hookah is just as good as a RooR, what I'm saying is that one of the things that make RooRs unique is that they are entirely glass on glass... well I've seen plenty of labware pieces in labs and online that have what appears to be the EXACT same glass-on-glass joint that RooR's do... yet they cost hardly anything because they're just lab glassware. I suppose the only thing I don't understand is why adding a little bit longer glass-tube part and a sticker that says "RooR" jumps the price above $150. I mean maybe they really do go that extra mile in quality, but it's not going to be anything I'm going to notice and I'd as soon pay $40 for the glassware version of the bong. I mean I'm not joking when I say I saw a bong in one of the chem labs, it was literally an exact bong piece, with a glass joint/slider. Maybe $60 worth of glass, if that. Now granted, I'd still have to buy a bowl, but... bowls aren't that expensive. Do what ya want, I'm sure RooR's hit heavenly, but I'll make the half-priced version without the sticker and be perfectly happy. :smoke:
  9. lol I don't own any expensive smoking devices these days but I can tell you the size of the diffuser the volume per chamber everything about 'em is designed to be idiot proof in techniqe it's a thing of beauty that isn't actually worth the money unless you grow your own.

    I ended up selling everything but my unique bubblers/spoons and 3 bongs that collectivly cost less then a roor w/o ash catch lol

    I vap more then smoke but I do notice the difference between my 50 buck thick vase turned bong or my lathe worked local piece that cost 35 with bowl or my home made.

    They all have their charms and you get no surprises with a roor so it's a matter of taste.
  10. Sorry for bringing up an old thread but I was wondering what kind of stores would sell the Filter Flasks. Thanks!

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