Bong or vape?

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  1. I am about to purchase my first real piece. I have a little bowl and am growing tired of either smoking out of it, blunts, or joints. I am in the market for either a nice bong or vape. My budget is between $150-$200. I definitely want a quality piece that will last me a long time. I have smoked out of a high quality bong and after a couple tokes i was ripped. I have never experienced vaping. Could someone please give me a brief description of the high compared to normal smoking?
    Could you guys give me your choice and a list of some nice pieces?

    Thanks [​IMG]
  2. If you've never done it then don't spend that much money on one right away, DEFINITELY get a bong.

    Then try vaping, some people can vape and ONLY vape.
    I can not. I don't like it all the time, its an occasional thing.

    For 100 bucks you can get a pretty decent one, just no big huge name brands, just get one thats a decent thickness and is sturdy and clean, as in nice tight fitting joints and good air flow.

    Nothing to cheap and generic looking.

    good luck :smoke:
  3. I bought the mflb and loved it at first but got kinda bored with it after getting a small glass pipe. I say bong
  4. Depends on your situation. Is stealth a necessity?
  5. If youre able to use a bong (as in not having to worry about stealth toking) then I'd say bong. I would only consider a vape if getting high where you wanted to was an issue. Because you can vape anywhere like inside and what not. I have a mflb too. But nothing beats a nice bong. Especially with your budget.

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