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Bong or bud?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 4grls2bongs0wry, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Hey im saving up for an O(itll be my first one) like $80 shy..but I do also need a new bong. So pretty much just wondering which would be a better buy in your opinion? The WHOLE oz. an just smoke it with joints and homemade bongs..or a half and a nice new glass bong and joints?...
    *sidenote* i've been really wanting to buy an O for a while..could finally cross it off my weed bucket list and 4/20 is coming up..but i prefer bongs out of any way to smoke and havin a new one would be NICCEE
  2. Settle with a half or somthing and buy a nice bong and the weed, or just buy a cheep bong to hold ya
  3. The bong is a better choice in the long run because it will save weed compared to joints. I would personally get the weed anyway though.
  4. I would go half and a new bong only cause a half would last me months shit an eighth last me at least 3 months.

  5. yea I've had halfs before and thats ALOT of weed..but double that O_0 wow! lol

  6. I wish it did for me..i smoke throughout day though using joints or somekind of bong ive made, i would be done with 1/8 in 3 days tops :/
  7. Why are you getting an O just or the sake of owning an O anyways...-_____-

    wait until your source has got some really killer dank, then stock up. for now, you must prepare young padawan. you dont even have a proper water filtration system. save up and get a REAL nice glass, your throat and lungs will thank you for years to come.
  8. #8 4grls2bongs0wry, Mar 28, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 28, 2012
    lol great advice..and noooo not to show off**..usually im by myself, or with the same group of smokin buddies..but im just saying it would be kinda nice to say ive done it before but the MAIN reason is for 4/20 coming up..I always try to out do the previous year :D lol

  9. yeaa i was using a cheap bong previously, it was about the size of a standard bong but plastic..damn thing started fallin apart after its first the time it was done I had completely covered in duct tape(it got that bad but still had great hits and held ice) just so it wouldnt completely shatter. so i'll def. stop being cheap and fork up the extra bucks for a decent one if I do that.
  10. Once you get glass, you will see the error in your ways

    (acrylic bongs = xP)
  11. I'd say get half and a new piece dude.
  12. Well in about a week you'll either have nothing or a glass bong. Bongs don't run out, you'll thank yourself in the long run
  13. Buy a cheap bong at your headshop for like $30-60 and spend the rest on dank. Once you get a bong you will be so surprised how much bud you are gonna be saving
  14. Do it the only way possible, flip a coin. No cheating.

  15. yea everyone seems to be in agreement with that..but if the glass bongs at the headshops where I live are not crazy expensive(they usually over charge everything else from papers to the "cheap" bongs), ill probably end up getting the half and the glass..
  16. i'd say the whole ounce and then scrape together some munz for a small bowl. Homemades and jays won't cut it for all that weed.

    i guess i'm just a fan of large amounts of weed.

  17. HAHA, youre not the only one! thats why this is a harder decision for me to make than i thought! since i dont blow ALL my money on weed, I know its gonna be a little while before my weed money gets saved up like it is now and I dont want to have any regrets if im spending 300+ on anything!
  18. Buy a half O and spend the other money on a bong.
    investing in a nice glass bong will save you so much hose space lmao.

  19. thats a tough decision. since you dont have any glass according to the OP get a bong and the half.
  20. I'd buy the half and save the rest up for a nice new bong. I'd save until you got to atleast 200 and go get a nice high end glass peice

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