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  1. :wave:Hello there, im stuck on what to do here and i need your opinon, i have a bong i made (i will post up a picture later) and it hits nice and its compact but im thinking of making a bubbler using the bowl and stem i am using for my bong, the bubbler would be make out of a orangiana bottle and some tubing, im not sure weather or not to just keep the bong(plastic) or making the bubbler(glass).:rolleyes:

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  2. You should head up to a headshop and buy a glass piece.

    If thats a option.
  3. we do have a headshop but they wont sell they card you, we did have a san deago but they got closed down they had nicccee bongs.... so i pretty much just have to make my own shit unless i can get someone to buy somthing for me
  4. damn that sucks what age is it to get in
  5. Cant you order something online? Usually a lot cheaper then your local headshop too ;) !
  6. if you can get to a headshop or order offline i think you need a nice glass bong man...but if you are satisfied with your homemade concoctions then dont worry about it...btw id say glass bubbler over plastic bong but i love bongs and dont care for bubblers keep tokin man :smoke:
  7. you can get in and walk around like they have magazines and stuff but you have to 19 to buy ANYTHING thats has to do with tobbaco hes strict
  8. well there is corner store stuff but unfortiuneitly i have to steal on the counter stuff cause there all really strict where i live

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