bong or bubbler?

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  1. I have 100 bucks to spend. What will get me most high, and something that is decently smooth for that price. Bong or bubbler. And what type if you feel like being super awesome.
  2. shit man gotta be more specific as to what you are trying to accomplish. no piece can get you "more high" than another man.

    uhh I suggest SSFG travel tube though, i like bongs as they are much iesier to clean as to bubblers who are often little bitches to clean :3

    good luck bro!
  3. Well I'm just looking for something super smooth, preferably with Ice catchers. Something that is stealthy and you can take decent sized hits from.
  4. Get a tight bong!
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    Man I just bought a triple bubbler at my local headshop for 90$. Its super smooth to hit, easily concealable (only 8" tall), has a nice size bowl and you can take some huge hits from it. There is however no ice catchers and it can be a bitch to clean until you get the technique down. Heres a pic of one identical to mine in all but the blue color (mine black)[​IMG]
  6. That looks sick. Not that big either which is perfect, and pretty cheap. Are you located in the US or Canada though ?

    And doesn't like burn to much if you take to big of a hit ?
  7. Well depends what your looking for, if you want something more concealable and portable go with the bubbler. If you dont have to worry about hididng it from like your parents or something get a bong. Either way you can get a really nice bong or bubbler for $100

  8. Im in Canada and it really dosent burn through to much with the big hits Id even say that its very comparable to a bong. In my opinion if you need to hide or want to bring it places a bubbler is the way to go.

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