Bong or Bubbler??

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  1. Which should i get? i don't have a very big budget, i still have to save up the money (about 60 bucks). I like the idea of a bong better but aren't they really the same thing? except for one is portable and the other isn't quite so portable? I do a lot of my smoking on the go so i think a bubbler will fit that better but i also like to kick back at home and smoke too so a bong would fit that situation better. what do you guys think? which is most economical?
  2. It just depends.

    Bubblers are cheaper, but nothing beats a bong hit. Then again, bongs burn weed waaaay faster than bubblers. Imo, both are better than just a pipe or a joint, both hit better.

    But bubblers aren't quite as portable as one would think, as you have to be careful with them so as not to spill the water inside.

    Between my man and I, we have two pipes, a hooka, a bubbler, and a bong. We use the pipes on the go, haven't used the hooka at all(since we've been together). We use the bubbler for our daily smoking needs, and the bong on special occasions.
  3. If you have no other pieces to smoke out of, and like you said are on the go a lot, a bubbler seems like the right choice. Honestly a bong is more worth buying because of the amount higher you can get off of it, but really it's just subjective to your situation. Things about bubblers are that you can get one the size of a bowl and use it out, even without water like a bowl. A bong without water is pretty nasty, and it's a great investment but think about how portable it is.
  4. A 60$ bubbler will hit the same as a 60$ bong.
    I guarantee it, unless you get a great deal and it comes with a ice catcher and all that good jazz.

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