Bong or Bubbler?

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  1. I have an $80 budget and i want to either get a bong or a bubbler. I'm tired of using my dry pipe all the time. It hits nice and gets me quite stoned, but i need a change of pace. I have a cheap grommet bong but the slide broke and its not worth replacing.

    So, bong or bubbler?
  2. Just go to your lhs and buy the best piece you can get for that money. If you're budgeted like that don't think "should I get a bong or bubbler with this $80", think "I'm going to buy the best bong or bubbler I can get for $80".

    That's how I would do it.
  3. SSFG.
    glass on glass.
    12 inch beaker or straight tube.
  4. I was word for word in this EXACT predicament yesterday. Like... the EXACT situation haha.

    I went with a bubbler. Just because, no bongs looked worthy less than $100. And a bubbler is easy to hide.

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