Bong on the brain!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Lyall "SICKO" M, Jul 13, 2003.

  1. This happened today after I smoked a fat 1/2 oz. I smoked nearly all of it on my industrial bong. I went home to deal with my munchies, went str8 to the fridge to find there was no food!:( I had dry mouth to the max! AND I almost walked into a wall!
  2. I'll eat the stallest chips when im high. That bag of sour creme and onion chips could have been open for 2 months for all i care.
  3. I once drank a 3 day old cup of tea 'cos I was so thirsty:p
  4. i once ate manky day old fries, that was sick but i was really hungry! now i've got what me and my mate refere to as my 'stoner survival kit' a box full of biscuits and sweets and stuff mmmm
  5. not that there weren't many times i'd be rummaging about for just about anything to eat...but sometimes my buddies and i would plan for the munchies by getting totally stoned just before going to an 'all you can eat' resturant...some of the best times were just getting stoned, stuffing ourselves w/tacos at our pad, watching football on TV & verbally abusing the opposing players, their team, home city, the commercials, etc...

  6. Hehe, I've been known to munch on some stale chips on ocasion.... You guys crack me up!!

  7. aye aye! buffets stoner style. cant beat it. like a kid in a candy shop. or me at a liquor stop :D

    oh yeah, and yea gotta give em the school when yea watch football. you nailed it! right down to the commericals LOL :)
  8. you eat everything already??

    One time I saw a reese's peanut butter cup on my friends dresser like two days after halloween. I said "dude, I am eating this", He's like, "go at it, but I warn you, it's from halloween". yeah uhuh.... whatever you say pal....fruitbar...

    I took a bite and after I came back from spitting it out in the bathroom and almost chuckin, he casually says "hey, i meant last halloween".
  9. Smoked a few joints between myself and 2 friends before heading into an all you can eat chinese place. Ahh good times.. good times. I think the people working there smelled it on us too.
  10. After getting real stoned one night, my legally blind friend went to the kitchen to make a Peanut butter and jelly sandwich.Unfortunately for him, he mistook a bottle of purple ketchup my wife had just bought, for a squeeze bottle of grape jelly. After spitting out the first bite, he said fuk it, and ate it anyway.
    Now that is a serious case of the munchies!

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