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Bong not milking up?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xangthan, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Hey guys so I have a pretty new bong that I have used before and it milked up hella nice but some times it just doesn't like I am not sure if its how much ice I put in or how I pack the bowl because the times it did milk up I was at my friends house but other times it just doesnt get hella white. Any suggestions?

    See it can milk up just doesn't always haha:confused:
  2. maybe it has a vacuum leak.

    take some tobacco out of a cig, and put it in the bowl, fill the chamber up, then instead of inhaling, blow into it. if it has smoke coming from anywhere, theres your problem.

  3. Sounds like that could be a problem, never heard of that solution before but sounds like it would make sence. When I started using the ice bong we have (very similar to yours) I was inhaling too fast, Try Keeping the flame on it longer and inhale slow, That may be your problem,
  4. i suspect it to be due to the chambers
    this is part of the reason why i've never been a fan of multiple chambers in a bong
    its too difficult to have consistent air flow

    but im sure its still a very good bong
  5. Get one of those torch lighters and inhale slow at first and once its nice and red inhale fast till the weed gets sucked in :)

    The trick... The butane torch lighter
  6. theres also something i think its called a vacuum differencial or vacuum drop. its when you have more space in 1 chamber than another and that first chamber might get filled up faster than the second one if its smaller than the second one. the best design for flow is to have them all the same size so there is no disruption in the vacuum flow. bigger/smaller chambers will cause dead spots.

    lol watch my analysis be completely irrelevant to the solution.
  7. Vacuum leak is possible, to check submerge the entire bong underwater and blow into it, examine where bubbles exit.

    What I think the problem could be though has to do with how you are hitting it. If you pull too hard or fast on the bong, the smoke will appear to be less thick. Try taking a slower hit, this could solve your problem.
  8. Does it have a nice big cherry? how fast are you pulling? ...did you pull without putting ur finger on the carb? Im not questioning your intelligence, its just that i sometimes pull without putting my finger on the carb, but thats when im too stoned.
  9. Haha, it doesn't have a carb.
  10. i wouldnt recommend holding the lighter there for a long time, you would start to inhale the stuff from the lighter, or so it seems. but the breathing slow at first, then gradually pull harder always seems to work for meeeee:smoke:
  11. pack a real fat bowl, so your getting close to 100 percent smoke.
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