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bong liquids

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by 420bearxxx, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. hey im just wondering wat everyone likes to put in their bong wat their favorite liquid or drink to put in the bong is
  2. Dihydrogen Monoxide. Only dihydrogen monoxide.
  3. im a big fan of water in my bongs, although i had to use sprite in a pinch the other night
  4. yah i always us e water myself but ive heard of people using other stuff
  5. it's a matter of preference of course, but water is the best. it won't stain or gunk up your tube, and it wont change the flavor of the smoke (although liquids take most of the flavor out anyway). the only things that shouldnt be used are carbonated liquids (the co2 will not agree with you when you inhale) or anything alcoholic, because thc is alcohol soluble and will draw the thc out of the smoke and into the liquid where it will be wasted.
  6. Super Duper Ice Cold Water ! :bongin:
  7. Water big guy and only water. Get out of th le
    middle school stuff brother.

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