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Bong Liquids!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by GanjaGoblin, Feb 11, 2003.

  1. Hey Dudes!!!

    I was just wondering what everybody uses in their bongs when getting baked...i usually use water but have tried other things like vodka, beer, amaretto and tastes much better and makes your high different and interesting

  2. water, ice water, boones fruit wine, fruit juice, but by far the best is snow, and lots of it.
  3. ive never used anything in my bong besides water.. hmm but vodka? ew.. i think that would just taste wierd. but if you drank the bong vodka you would get FUCKED Up haha. i bet it would taste nassty though. koolaid would make a good bong water subsitute. it would taste all sweet. but i read an article in high times last month about water particles. it was about a japanese guy who did this experment about the reaction of water particles to positive and negative words. when it was put on positve words the water molecules were in perfect shape but when they were put on negative words they were all blob like. it was funny though becasue at the bottom it read our advice: change your bong water. (or bong liquid if you will)
  4. My friend drank bong vodka once and about 3 seconds later he was spitting it up. It was pretty funny because we must have smoke at least 5 grams out of it. Good times.

  5. never use alcohol in a bong, thc is alcohol soluble. all the good shit goes into the already shitty tasting alcohol (if its vodka or somethin) and you drink all the carcinogens that are filtered out if you wanna recover the thc......
    carcinogens = cancer
  6. yeah, i only use water, since i heard that vodka actually neutralizes the thc... and we dont want that now do we?
  7. cherry slurpeee..... its makes a mess....but if your gonna clean out your tube anyway its awsome, i recommend it.
  8. water for me man just cold water
  9. I just wanna say...i love this place! It's my cyberhome!

  10. yup we like it too Ganjagoblin.

    i dont get much else done in life cause of this place.... sometimes i feel i should just leave so i can carry on with the rest of my life.
  11. I guess i'm pretty fundamental with my bong. Some cold ass water is always a winner, but i tried sprite recently. The carbonation really added a crazy feeling. I'd like to elaborate a little more to pique your curiosity but i just kept hitting it over and over because i never could find the right word to describe it. Well after all that work, i completely forgot what my real mission was and woke up the next morning late for work. Damn...just have to try it again some time.
  12. i definetly wouldn't use beer, i tried it with some friends and it was the only thing we had (didn't wanna dry hit it, and i guess we could have borrowed from the huge amounts of snow right out beside our car. i guess too drunk to think about it)

    but it bubbled and foamed like hell and kept hit'in ur mouth. i dunno maybe if the beers flat it woulda worked, but nothing beats cold water for me.

    I do enjoy the taste of a grape juice with a bong though
  13. I finally used snow in my bong( I went out and bought a real bong--nice little 12 inch fuchsia acrylic) and I love it!!! I didn't feel the hit at all....very nice :D
  14. I had a friend who was very experimental in the bong making procedures, i.e. very similiar to the "McGuyver" smoker from Half Baked. He would try and make a bong from anything. Sobe bottles and the sobe liquid work great. All you need is a little copper pipe and some duct tape and ingenuitity and voilia your own Sobe bong. Of course you could just fill your good old bong with the Sobe. There are so many flavors so therefore it is possibily a never ending test taste.
  15. hehe McGuyver smoker, I loved that ;)

    by the way, welcome to the city salvador ;D
  16. i made a bong out of snow once, i didn't think it would work when i started it, and low and behold it didn't :D
  17. ICE cold water.....thanks....peaces....MrSbb
  18. i have said it before and ill say it again.
    3 parts water
    1 part lemon juce/extract
    just a bit of toothpaste.

    mix it up before you put it in the bong.

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